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veetle live


Current version: v0.9.19

Veetle is a Silicon Valley startup seeking to give the power of high quality video broadcasting back to the people. On Veetle, you can watch video broadcast in TV and HD quality. What's more, you can broadcast your own content in high quality too!

Release notes

Works with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. You can also broadcast yourself!


Various user streamed channels


Click on any of the channelswe got scheduled on Veetle and it will prompt you to download and install Veetle TV Player. After it's installed, video playback should immediately start within your browser.

It's a webbased player, so just download the player, install it, go to the webplayer, run the ActiveX and start watching.

Not more to do, it's like mediaplayer watching but then over VLC/p2p. Enjoy it!!!

Known issue: It might stop every 15 or 20 seconds, just click the standby button and it plays again!

Also: Ignore the premium option of Veetle without ads, it's useless and doesn't add anything. You don't need to pay to watch anything, so don't do so!

Usefull shortcurts when watching veetle:
- Press A - Toggle aspect ratio (16:10; 16:9, 1:1, 221:100, 4:3, 5:4, default)
- Ctrl+Up arrow - Turn volume up (1/32)
- Ctrl+Down arrow - Turn volume down