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tv ants


Current version: v1.0.0.59 build 36

TVAnts is a client which is pretty easy to use. Everyone can use it, it's fully in English, buffering goes fast and easy and opening of channels is also a piece of cake. It doesn't update it's versions that much, so you don't need to update it regularly. Recently it had been renamed to CCAnts...

Release notes

The newest version of TVants is support Window Vista and Window Media Player 11, a few changes: TVAnts Build 0836 (28th Dec 09). Main fix to remove the expiring message. 1. No Pop-up advertisement, now adverts before playing 2. Support Window Media Player 11 and Window Vista 3. fix the bug on activeX playing while IE browser closed 4. Tracker channel management functions added, channel checking is allowed and only checked channel can be searched. 5. Tracker can add small bannner advertisement on the TVants player Size: 2.87MB.


Many main channels, even international ones but also Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Ofcourse the sports channels like the Truesports, Guandong, SHTV, CCTV5, Eurosport + Eurosport 2 and CableSoccer + CableSports. The channellist changes much, be aware.


Download TVAnts from 1 of the locations, and follow the installer closely. Then you're soon done. Start TVANts, you can add servers but that isn't needed yet. The only working server right now is Go to the search Tab to load the channellist, when you click a channel it will open in teh channels tab and you can see it's buffering. Click open to open the player window, or click stop to stop it, start to start a channel if it isn't running already. You can also lock a running channel, go to modify and press lock channel status. You can't stop the channel then unless you unlock it again. In the charts tab you can see the upload and download speed, Performance gives other info and events displays warnings, it's like a logbook. So after all this is easy to use.

Playing in Media Player

To open TVANts in Mediaplayer: start the channel --> right mouse when playing --> properties --> copy the location --> open url in WMP and paste the location. This doesn't add much, the TVAnts player is also pretty easy.