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Current version: v1.60

Pixelfusion is a Windows Media Player plugin for streaming video. This little software is a specialised plugin for WMP ( Windows Media Player)

Release notes

Here is the author description from the internet:- Most downloaded or streamed video tend to look 'blurry' due to a reduction in the resolution of the video in order to reduce download time. When viewed, it is usually stretched, or resampled, to a higher resolution, to make it easier to view. Generally, a standard bilinear or bicubic algorithm is performed.

Because they only perform a simple mathematical interpolation which reproduces smooth transitions from one pixel to another, they will always cause an image to appear more blurry. PixelFusion is different, in that it attempts to more accurately predict the pixels that existed in the original high resolution source, to create a much crisper and perceptually clearer image. This version is the best yet, with higher precision processing than ever before for an even sharper image. Try it now for free..


Now is simple terms - what this software does is reduces the blurry or pixelated edges you notice when you are watching a streaming video. It has been tested with GOLTV, CCTV and a lot of channels on the sopcast, TVU and TVANTs software. See the 2nd picture that attempts to tell the story. How to install. All you need to do is download the software from the links below. Its virus free and spyware free.

Just double click the file above and follow the easy setup dance (ok, keep clicking NEXTJ until you get to install) and that is it. If you ever want to change things Right, this is something you will rarely ever need to do but it is always good to know. Should you ever want to tune the pixelfusion plugin, just RIGHT CLICK on any playing stream/video/ (be it sopcast, WMP, or TVANTS, (doesn't work TVU yet) see below And choose options. The settings are pretty self explanatory. Feel free to check things out. See Picture 3.

Plugin Properties * Edge crispness - Allows adjustment of output sharpness to suit personal taste. * Pixelfusion - Manually enable/disable Pixelfusion resolution enhancement, or automatically depending on source resolution and CPU speed. * Enable Automatic lighting control - Allow auto contrast/brightness and anti-glare filter, to increase dynamic range and visibility of details in dark/bright areas. * Bypass on High Definition Video - Bypass all processing on HD video, only uncheck with modern PCs. See the 4th Image. Reported Problems: This has been reported to cause a green image that blocks the video on OLD video graphics cards. If this happens to you, Just disable the plugin by unticking its entry on the WMP above. You may update your video drivers and things should work. Enjoy!

Additional information

Here is a copy & paste info from the official website: * Minimum spec machine : 1.0Ghz CPU, 128Mb RAM, 16Mb Graphics Card, Windows Media Player 7.0 * Recommended spec machine : 2Ghz CPU, 256Mb RAM, 32Mb Graphics Card, Windows Media Player 10