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peer stream


Current version: v1.0

Peer-stream as the name suggests uses the new P2P feature of Flash.


Peer-stream is a sort of P2P that uses Flash streaming. So instead of connecting towards a server you connect to the server and other people as well. So it's a sort of helping eachother to allow good and stable flash streaming. You don't have to download anything for it to be able to use it. When a stream uses peer-stream then it asks you to allow the function to use your upload, or not. If you allow it, then you can watch the stream. If you don't the stream doesn't work. It doesn't require any additional features, downloads or anything else. Please be advised to ignore all kind of weird Advertisements that ask you to install flash or download things. You don't need that to watch the streams. Just click the X close buttons to close these advertisements. Enjoy!