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Current version: v1.9.6

FlashGet is an easy tool to record several streams...

Release notes

FlashGet Version 1.9.6(2007.09.25) *Add "FlashGet Recommends" *Optimized the BT module *Fixed the messy code in "new download" window *Other improvements


With Flashget you can easy record streaming media; here ya go on how to do it. See also the screenshots for help; Using Sopcast Make sure to start a stream, which is running. Click it from our site, or do it manually. When it's running, click right mouse on the streaming window --> properties --> Location --> Like this: Then start Flashget --> left on top, you see a green + with new under it. Click on it.

Then you need to add a few things: * URL: The location url, for sopcast this will be , sometimes 8912 at the end * Referrer: not important * Category: Downloaded, that's easy to find back * Save to: make sure to save it to a location where you got enough free space. * Rename: give it an easy name, for example the name of the event so you can find it back easily later on Then just leave all the field and press ok.

Then the stream will start being downloaded, which means you will start recording the Sopcast program. To stop it: just pause or delete it. You can also pause it to get some advertising blocks out of it, if you want to ... Then how to open it? For me it had a .jc end, but you can open it with WMP. Go to the file --> open --> search for a program on your pc to open with --> Select mediaPlayer --> ignore the extension message, just press ok and it will start playing.

That's it, now you got a recorded event! Start playing around a bith with it, all feedback is welcome on how to improve the record. Using TVU Location here is ! rest should be the same. Using TVAnts You need to find the properties and then use that location, it changes much so you need to do this yourself, probably something like http://localhost:16800/1.asf And finally enjoy, we will add more later on..