which premier league side will be relegated?

Discussion in 'Football Chat' started by ChrisP, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. ChrisP

    ChrisP New Member

    ok guys

    it looks like liverpool are runaway winners this season, but which side is going down? , i tipped west ham at start of season, they seem to be hanging on by skin of there teeth, who you got?
  2. 2beast4this

    2beast4this New Member

    norwich, west ham and watford
  3. toon-nufc

    toon-nufc New Member

    not convinced on west ham yet, they might just avoid it, we shall see, but definatley norwich, good chance bournemouth will join them,
  4. LondonRob

    LondonRob New Member

    you can chuck aston villa into that mix too, the quality of teams in premier league has gone up a bit in last few seasons, but quality of teams being promoted have been fucking shocking mate
  5. Habib

    Habib Super Moderator

    I think we can all agree on one thing - Norwich City are fucked! more chance of me having a sex change overnight than them getting out of the hole they are in.
    2beast4this Said Thank You
  6. 2beast4this

    2beast4this New Member

    lmaohahahahaha love it
  7. totalsport

    totalsport Super Moderator Staff Member

    norwich 100%!
  8. totalsport

    totalsport Super Moderator Staff Member

    no links livestream in schedule streamcentral.tv?

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