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    This guide will assume you use a wired connection for both your computer and PS3, PS4 + Xbox. I have not tried it wireless, although it will most likely work for most of you. I will try and make this guide as detailed as possible without an image overload.

    What we will be using is a program called SERVIIO. It's a free media center that you run on your computer that connects to your network and lets you browse defined files/urls through your PS3 to display on the TV. I have previously used a program called PlaystationMediaServer, but I can never get it to work correctly with RTMP links even with PMSEncoder. SERVIIO is much more user-friendly.

    SERVIIO (the free version is fine!)
    Playstation 3 (connected to your home network, serviio should find it easily)
    Windows (there may be a version for Linux, check around)
    *make sure your computer and PS3 are both connected to your home network!*

    Step 1) Download and install SERVIIO and make sure your PS3 and Computer are both connected to your home network.

    Step 2) If not already running, start SERVIIO and it's console. The console is the little yellow icon in your taskbar (close to your time area in Windows). This will auto-start with every reboot from now on to make your life easier. It can easily be uninstalled or disabled from start up through MSCONFIG or CCLEANER (ccleaner is an amazing free app to clean junk off your PC!, MSCONFIG comes with all versions of Windows! Google how to use it if needed).

    Step 3) Boot up your Playstation 3 to make sure SERVIIO see's it. Wait a minute or two and if you do not see the PS3 listed in SERVIIO, you may not have the PS3 connected to the network or have a firewall issue through your router configuration. I cannot help these issues since everyone's home setup is different.

    Step 4) In SERVIIO (on your computer) click the Library tab from the console.

    Step 5) Click the Online Sources tab

    Step 6) Click the Add button, and select Online RSS/Atom feed from the drop down menu at the top.

    Now this is where it gets a little confusing for new users! What you want to do is lay your Source URL out correctly so that SERVIIO can use it's built in RTMP code to successfully "handshake" with the server to create a successful connection.

    Here is an example of a URL format I used today for a Gamecocks All-Access stream that worked flawlessly. Keep in mind, the "playpath=" part changes every game for Gamecocks baseball games so this link will no longer work:

    rtmp:// swfUrl= live=1 pageUrl= playpath=355330-ptnr_scar-GNVL@39959

    Above is the correct format. So let's say you've been provided a link on here from ohlulz's RTMP website. If you look at the "playpath=" part, that file name will be different for what you want to watch.

    Here's an ohlulz link:

    See the part that says "wpk-baseball@31453"? That is the file name that you'd replace in the "playpath=" section. So instead of "playpath=355330-ptnr_scar-GNVL@39959" you'd make it "playpath=wpk-baseball@31453" (without "s).

    Once you have your link in your Source URL text box, you can check it to make sure you get a nice green check mark. Sometimes it takes a while or will give an Error. If you see an error, try once or twice more and if you have the same problem, verify the stream plays in your web browser. Sometimes SERVIIO can be really finicky! (im currently looking for a better alternative for the PS3.. I might code one up in the future just for the links posted here!)

    In the Display name textbox, put whatever you'd like to call it! Select video for the media type and hit add. Once done, give it a minute or two to update through the network and you should be able to do the following:

    Go to the PS3 menu, go to video, click the SERVIIO icon, click the Online folder, then your stream should show up. If you see "no titles found" then just give it a few minutes. Very rarely, you need to reboot your computer and or PS3.

    That's the easy way to watch streams on your TV through your PS3 using SERVIIO. You can do this with any RTMP stream, not just ohlulz, but the other details will change. Also note, sometimes your link will have a different set of numbers after the "cp" part of Just change that also if needed and you should be good to go.

    If I have some free time, I will write a simple guide on how to use URLSNOOPER or COMMVIEW to sniff correct RTMP protocol packets so you can have any RTMP stream you want working. There are a ton of guides on Google that you can use though.

    Good luck!

    Fast Guide:
    Install Servioo and start it if not running.
    Turn on PS3
    Go to Library Tab of Serviio, then Online Sources tab. Add stream URL and correct playpath.
    Select video, name it whatever, and hit add after verifying URL.
    Wait 1-3 minutes, if not showing up on PS3 under "online" option, restart both the PS3 and PC.

    Try it out!
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