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    Virtual Memory Configuration

    This guide is mostly applicable when watching online on web-browser's window, the virtual-memory is filling up quickly.

    Virtual Memory - the value is set by default / by system or can be managed manually.
    (To be safe) I prefer do that manually, because by default the minimal/recommended value is not set but depends on actuall situation.

    Simply: if virtual memory is too low/small = system has not enough place/memory to work with right running processes (called paging-file), then asking for close of any application or, u have to made virtual memmory bigger.
    (that warning u can get (also) when system-disc is (almost /or totally) full = does not have enough of place/memory to keep needed paging-files)

    If u not getting that message/warning = no point to manage Virtual Memory, anyway, u can still manage the value of VM w/out any stress. (if there really a problem exists..., just surprising me that u were talking about capacity of cpu/ram in mentioned relations watching-live)

    How to set Virtual Memory

    1. Be safe u have enough of free space on system-disc before u manage the value of VM.
    2. Close ALL opened application, incl. running in background /not just minimaze = simply save work and close everything.
    3. Click Start/Run > right click on Computer > go to Properties
    > lef side of right opened window > click on Advanced System Settings (probably the last option)
    > newly opened window > click on > Advanced > Performance > Settings
    > newly opened window > click on > Advanced > Virtual Memory > Change
    > newly opened window > disable / untick option ''Automatically manage PAGING FILE SIZE''
    > now u can set minimal and maximal value of Virtual Memory OF SYSTEM-DISC (do not care to others) --> click on system-disc to start;

    = ignore minimal and curentlly allocated > change minimal value (set mentioned value called ''recommended'') -&- change maximal value (depends on u) > apply > OK > RESTART.

    Do not worry, before u ''apply'' changes, nothing will happend /and this process cub be set back to the default at any time. (it's nothing to do worry about)

    Minimal 16 MB / Curently allocated xxxx MB / Recommended xxxx MB --> set: Minimal (MB) = Recommended -&- Maximal (MB) = minimal +500 MB
    (correct example of vm-change: minimal 1500 - maximal 2000)

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