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    If you are using Windows 7 and watch Veetle streams, you may have probably encounterted the following problem: ALL veetle streams may appear more pixelated to you than they should be, while on every other OS they work just fine

    The reason for this is that the current Veetle version is based on the like 4 years old VLC 0.8.6 version. On XP and Vista, VLC (and therefore Veetle) defaults to hardware accelerated DirectX output (YUV Overlay DirectX), while on Windows 7, Direct3D is the default. Now back in this very old VLC version, the Direct3D output was somewhat ... broken, especially the chroma upscaling (which leads to the severe pixelation). In VLC of course, these problems have long been fixed.

    In some Veetle Forum threads it is proposed to delete the direct3d output module file so Windows 7 will use DirectX too, however, this only works sometimes because on Windows 7 the directx output module doesnt reliably use hardware acceleration, and also doing this will disable Aero while you watch a stream which is annoying. But fear not, after a lot of trial and error I have found a satisfactory solution: OpenGL! VLC 0.8.6 already came with a perfectly functional OpenGL output renderer. It isn't included in the Veetle package though, so you have to get it yourself.

    IMPORTANT: Obviously, only do all this if you actually experience pixelation issues. Also, be aware that you need an OpenGL capable graphics card and drivers. All ATI and nvidia card will support OpenGL as long as you have installed somewhat up-to-date drivers (e.g. Windows 7 has some ATI drivers already pre-installed, however these won't support OpenGL. Grab current drivers from or If you got some on-board Intel graphics card, I have no idea if those actually support OpenGL at all. You can try if it works, but it might not.


    1) Get the VLC 0.8.6 OpenGL output renderer. You can do this by downloading the 0.8.6 archive from here: - Download Link
    In the zip file, go to the plugins folder and grab the file "libopengl_plugin.dll". Then rename it to "libdirect3d_plugin.dll" .

    2) Go to c:\program files (x86)\veetle\player\plugins\ and rename the file "libdirect3d_plugin.dll" to "libdirect3d_plugin.dll.backup" and the file "libvout_directx_plugin.dll" to "libvout_directx_plugin.dll.backup".

    3) Place the renamed opengl plugin file in the folder (you should have renamed it to libdirect3d_plugin.dll in step 1).

    4) Restart your browser, then try any veetle stream and check if everything works. If this seems to not work at all, just rename the original files back.

    All pixelation should be gone now, and playback should not disable Aero.

    Have fun

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