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    Dear friends

    As many of you know, their is a clamp down on streaming by the powers that be and it seems to be more directed at Kodi than anywhere else, but as far as we are concerned it applies to all. So keep yourself safe online and annoymous.

    1, When watching streams, make sure adblocker is applied for best results.

    2, If possible, use a proxy service to connect to streams, possibly a VPN or a service like hidemyass (try not to show your IP.

    3, When using streaming sites, and they have a chat, do not use your real name as a chat name, or even a place,town,city that you live in, never discuss with others where you are from on those chats (give nothing away!)

    4, keep your PC clean, always clear it out after everytime watching streams, use something like ccleaner for this, removes all cookies and breadcrumbs in one swoop.

    5, do not swap phone numbers with anyone (its online and you dont know them.

    follow the above and make it a routine daily and you will enjoy still the benifits of online streaming safe in the knowledge you are anonymous

    have fun my friends
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