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    Nowadays SopPlayer, also named SopCast Client, is totally free P2P software to view live TV channels and movies.

    This manual takes you through the first steps of getting SopPlayer and provides the initial pointers to get up and running in no time.

    SopPlayer can be run on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Linux, but this manual is only for Windows platform.

    Step 1. Download SopPlayer from

    Or you can download it from mirror sites which are listed on page

    Step 2. Unzip with Winzip or Winrar to your hard disc.

    Step 3. Go to the directory unzipped and Run Setup-SopCast-verion-num-build-time.exe to install SopCast, the Setup file looks like Setup-SopCast-2.0.4-2007-12-13.exe.

    Step 4. Find SopCast in your "Start Menu" and run SopCast.exe.

    Click the SopCast.exe to start your SopCast experience!


    Sign in with your username account register on . If you don't have a user name yet, you may choose to sign in anonymously or click the link on the bottom right to create a new account.

    [notes] Most channels are available for anonymous users, so if you can't sign in with your account at peak time, please always try with anonymous user.

    When you sign in successfully, you will now see the home frame of SopCast as the picture shown below. ( where it says "Address") this is where you would paste the url you copy from our schedules on the links that state "SOPCAST" the urls will look something like this - sop://


    Some key links of Sopcast is listed in home tab, we can find more detail information about SopCast by clicking these links.

    The layout of SopCast contains 3 sections as below:
    Address Area: channels viewing history will be listed in drop-down box, you can input a sop address (such as sop:// or just the channel id 6001 in it to view a channel.

    Tabs Area: includes Home, Live Channels, VoD Channels (from version 2.0.4), MyServer and FAQ 5 tabs.

    Option Area: includes Sub(subscribe), Apply, Option and Logout 4 Buttons. Click Sub button to gain more channels (todo), click Apply button to Apply your own channel (todo).

    5. Live Channel

    Clicking "Live Channels" tab will list all available live channels now, as shown below:



    The default server port number is 3902.

    When you see live streaming links on our schedules labelled "sopcast" you can now "if you have installed sopcast" open the link url from our schedules, copy the url sop (CTRL + C) and paste into the sop player (CTRL + V) thats how easy it is to watch high quality web streams using sopcast.

    Try it out :)
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    sopcast still, runs well to this day, i installed in again about a week ago, you no longer get the main sports channels like you use too but theirs still a great selection of channels

    just encase anyone wanted to know its status

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