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    Sopcast has a Mac Version;


    SopCast for Mac 1.3.5 is based on the lastest SopCast p2p engine. Now you can enjoy all SopCast channels on Mac OSX too! You can watch channels listed in this appliction, or you can input the SopCast URL by yourself. SopCast for Mac also supports to play channel by clicking a SopCast URL in a browser.

    More featuers will be available in near future.

    There's a solution for anyone with a Mac so they can use Sopcast. It requires a program called CrossOver (located at: Crossovermac

    .. MAC users seem to be desperate for - sopcast.

    You need a few different bits of software but I now have sopcast working perfectly on my macbook.

    You will first need to download "Crossover" (link above)

    Once installed, open the program and install internet explorer 6 (the programme automates this process for you)

    Then go to the Microsoft website and download the .exe file for Media player 7.

    Open crossover again and select "install unsupported application" - browser to the media player 7 .exe and install

    Return to microsoft and download media player 9 and repeat the steps above.

    Finally download sopcast .exe file from the sopcast site and install as above.

    Sopcast can now be run from the applications folder!"

    any questions - fire away!

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