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    StreamTorrent is displaying a message to update the app. Unfortunately, the link it takes you to is a MALWARE SITE!
    You are best advised to NEVER CLICK THE “YES” BUTTON on this notification

    However, there is a fix…and you need to do exactly as it instructs.

    Step 1: Remove the old version

    It is essential that you remove the old version by using Control Panel. The new version is placed in a different folder, so does not over-write the existing version. If you don’t complete this step properly, you will have two versions on your system, leading to major problems

    In particular do NOT use any third party uninstallers like Revo or CCleaner. These will remove your existing StreamTorrent configuration files and you will lose your stream lists and also the data files you need to avoid the dreaded Red X and an inability to connect.

    Step 2: Download the new version and Install it

    Download StreamTorrent NE
    . Run the program following the prompts as you progress

    Step 3: Run Streamtorrent NE and allow it through your Firewall

    The first time you run StreamTorrent NE, your firewall should prompt you to allow or deny access. Click “Allow”. If you are not prompted by your firewall, you will need to add it manually. Your existing permissions will not apply, because the program has a different name to the current version of StreamTorrent.

    You should now be able to use StreamTorrent indefinitely. It should look and feel exactly as before. So, for example, clicking the hyperlink to an ST stream should automatically load the application and start the stream buffering.If your stream does no connect after a few minutes, then you should first check that your firewall is not blocking StreamTorrent NE. If that has been correctly allowed, then try applying the SmiteRedX Patch.

    Right now…there is no fix for MAC OS or Linux.
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    most of the above is still valid for 2017, just to update the thread

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