Site outage on saturday 05/08/17

Discussion in 'Site News & Information' started by admin, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member


    this Saturday morning we suffered a database failure around 07.31 am and were unable to provide schedules for sports all day, as we worked to rebuild a stability issue.

    These things happen and its frustrating for all but we will be ok in the end. all schedules and sports will go live on Monday morning , hourly, daily going forward.

    we thought we should let people know why nothing was available this weekend.

    many thanks

    streamcentral team
  2. lisalee

    lisalee New Member

    ohhh no! i was so gutted when i came on and there was nothing showing for the footy, typical it should happen on first day of season though!
  3. Hustler

    Hustler Super Moderator

    everything has been pretty much changed techwise and should be solid going forward.

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