Sheamus explains WWE created the League of Nations stable just to make Roman Reigns look good

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    The WWE have spent a long time trying to make Roman Reigns the number one guy now.

    It was pretty evident early on in his run with the company that he would take up the poster boy mantle from John Cena when the time was right.

    Vince McMahon has invested a lot of time and money in Roman Reigns, but Reigns, like Sami Zayn, is not working during the pandemic

    As Cena transitioned into working in Hollywood, Reigns’ stock rose and the WWE machine got fully behind him.

    However, as hard as WWE told fans they should be cheering for The Big Dog, a large portion of the fanbase rejected him.

    He was booed out of buildings and WWE had to find a way to get fans to cheer for him.

    Back at the tail end of 2015, WWE made Reigns their world champion for the first time, but they had Sheamus cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase immediately, ending Reigns’ first go with the title at approximately five minutes.

    Sheamus pulled the ultimate heel move and spoiled Roman Reigns’ first run with the WWE title in minutes

    Speaking on an appearance on former WWE star Rusev’s YouTube channel, Sheamus spoke about the former stable those two men comprised with Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett.

    Sheamus insists the stable was created just to get Reigns over.

    “So, what happened was I had just beaten Roman [Reigns]. I cashed in the Money in the Bank. This was on a Sunday at Survivor Series. I didn’t even know I was going to cash in until that night.

    “And then the next night on Raw, the day on Raw, they told us they had put this group together, the League of Nations. By the way, this whole came from Jamie Noble. I remember Jamie Noble telling me, ‘I got this idea! Hilarious!’ I was thinking, ‘OK. How’s this going to work? What’s the idea?’ There was no idea behind it. There was no plan behind it, and then on Raw, they just put the four of us together.”

    The League of Nations consisted of Rusev, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus

    “Even though all four of us individually were doing pretty good, pretty successful, and holding our own weight in the company. So, basically you had four strong heels, and they were put together to make a really weak faction called League of Nations.

    “People talk about The Shield being this dominant, and all these other groups being dominant. The thing is like we could easily be like a hugely successful group, very dominant, but in our first match together, which was Smackdown after — so we debuted on Raw, then we beat up Roman, and then on Smackdown, we basically lost a four-on-one match to Roman. The very next day.”

    “You look at The Wyatt — You had The Wyatt Family. You had The Shield and everything. There’s no reason why we couldn’t have been just as dominant as those groups.

    “Of course they’re dominant because that’s the way they’re booked. But we weren’t booked that way. We were literally booked to build Roman.”

    Sheamus was used to try and help build Roman Reigns as WWE’s top star

    “They didn’t need four people, four top heels, to go in there into that group and do that. They could’ve had two, three, whatever. But yeah, when it started imploding, everyone in the group started losing our minds.

    “That’s just like butting heads against everybody and just a complete disaster by the end. But at the end, I think all of us were just kind of like, ‘I’m glad that’s over.’”

    Only Sheamus remains in WWE today out of that group and it’s fair to say that stable didn’t do too much for anyone involved despite the talent in the mix.

    WWE also had Vince McMahon get involved in the storyline in a bid to help Reigns get cheered. Being the master heel he is, it’s fair to say they achieved a part of their goal, at least.

    Roman Reigns nailed Vince McMahon with a Superman Punch before winning back the WWE title

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