Discussion in 'Football Chat' started by Gregggo, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Gregggo

    Gregggo New Member

    Since the season is soon to be over, I think it's time to discuss who's going to get relegated. In my opinion, I think that Norwich, Newcastle and Aston Villa will get relegated but I think it'll be a close one with Sunderland and Swansea involved in the battle to survive. Who do you think will get relegated?
  2. MancLadUK

    MancLadUK New Member

    Newcastle and villa to go this season, appalling sides, toon army have been on the verge of relegation for a couple of years now, luck is about to run out, as for villa i just cannot explain how they got themselves in this situation TBH
  3. BradR

    BradR New Member

    Aston Villa are gone now I think but I don't think I'm able to say who the other two teams will be. It's going to be a hard run to survive for the teams down there.

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