Premier League 2017/18 prediction thread

Discussion in 'Football Chat' started by MancLadUK, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. MancLadUK

    MancLadUK New Member

    The new season almost here, (this weekend) thought id start a thread on predictions, to get started here's a quick vid on what i think could be pretty accurate!

    Not my video BTW

    insert your views predictions below :)
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke Super Moderator

    I would stick my neck out and put my predictions in this order in regards to top, three

    1, Manchester United
    2, Chelsea
    3, Liverpool

    I can see United running away with this season, ive not seen anything from Liverpool that would suggest they will finish higher than 3 or 4

    as always it could turn out different but that is my 2cents worth

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  3. SpursCoys

    SpursCoys New Member

    Liverpool at 3, seems a bit high for me, they are too inconsistent, they either start and come on strong at the tail end of the season, or start strong and fade away towards the end

    being a spurs fan id say spurs will finish 3 or 4 but liverpool will do well to finish in that top 5

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