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    Do you use aby application to watch online, but have trouble to run application itself and/or not getting the screen to watch, well then follow...
    With these EASY STEPS FOR BEGINNERS you should be able to solve (almost every) your troubles ''not getting screen'', well then, I wrote this ''holly litany'' to follow...

    &&& If it's too long to read, silly me, but you should try your best too. Anyway, following mentioned steps u should be able to solve all troubles in relations with streaming applications; especially when talking about system components microsoft net-framework and microfost visual basically needed for nice run. &&&

    1. Application :

    & Delete application & empty bin.
    & Download application - the last one /or the most stable version (if there any difference exists). Make sure that the application was fully donwnloaded and correctly unzipped; no joke - be precis by yourself.
    @ If needed, set the appropriate location of player to be available; read bellow.

    2. Player :

    & Desirable player is VLV Video Lan:
    @ Correct location is disc ''c/programm files'' because application predicts that place, btw. most of applications use mentioned disc and direction as default.
    @ If you have got trouble to get stream, it may be due player (but it happens not so offten) then u can try to re-install player = reinstall in ''slow mode'' deleting preferences and cache !
    (Users runing 64bit-operating-system need to install vlc-32bit because vlc is no longer available in 64bit version /or need to install a bit modified version of that player called nighties/nightly builds: Anyway, as the first step use standart vlc-32bit.)
    @ I am not talking about ''zero view/black window'' = not getting stream mostly happening due slow/unstable internet connection but, I am talking about any warning message, e.g. ''player can't be found''.
    Here is also a difference when getting message (cmd says ''unable to handle'' what's something different and has realations with application and streaming server = you can do nothing to solve.
    (If there exists an option to set lover quality of the stream (low, middle, high, hd) = do it; it helps because there is a big difference when we are talking about needed quality of net-connection to get hq/hd.)

    3. The most important where to flash an eye..., now, it begins to be a little but tricky but, do not worry about :

    & Microsoft .Net Framework
    & Microsoft Visual Basic C++ = these system-components are basically needed, then must be in perfect condition.
    @Be safe that automatic system-update is on and/or check manually for the updates to be safe not missing needed components. If do u missing one of them, check for updates twice, afterwards download&install manually = download only from the site of the publisher. i.e. microsoft.

    & You should have installed already : Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 , Microsoft Visual C++ 2012
    If u have got 2010 already, keep-it - it does not occur problem but, w/hout 2005 u (cud) face a problem, what for? Some shared .dll-library cud be broken then u have to re-register-it /or re-install whole C++ package.

    & The same i can say about .Net Framework = u should have version 3.5 & 4.5 (downloaded and installed as a part of system-update by default, if not u have to do that manually).
    @ Does Net Frame really running in Services? Check-it as the first option where the problem could be solved.
    @ If ur still face problem, have look into folder Microsoft.Net/Framework --> there must be a folder/s heading to the core of framework: (v1.0) (v3.0) (v3.5) (v4.0) -&- especially (v2.0) because it contains basically needed .dll's-libraries.

    4. Note pointing net-frame and windows eight users :

    @ Win 8 has problem with Net Framwork 3.5 = must be installed separatelly cause does not come with Win 8, nor is not a part of Net Framework 4.5 (which is a solid part of Win 8).
    (Anyway, all about net-frame u can read above then this note is just an additional information to explain why your system is (possibly) missing this component.)

    (picture 1 : net frame / visual c - programmes)

    net frame - programes.jpg

    (picture 2 : net frame - folder)

    NET Frame - folder.jpg

    (picture 3 : net frame - services)

    NET Frame - services.jpg

    5. Note pointing persisting troubles with net-frame :

    & Make sure that net-frame is runing in services before spreading rumours about ''broken net-frame''.
    (I met people with blocked service of .net frame, then mentioned fix was not able to fix-it untill the service was set to auto-run /delayed-run. This problem probalby occurs a core of .net-frame which was blocking to run needed parts of version 3.5 and/or 4.5, usually comming hand-in-hand with missing C++ (OS W7/8).

    & Try to repair .NET Framework Repair Tool:
    & If not helping, uninstall net-frame with Revo Uninstaller - option slow mode/advanced user removes also the rest of the right uninstallind software;
    > clean registry with Ccleaner - made back-up offered by ccleaner by default. If u'r not skilled user by that way, do not made any other action, e.g. runing regedit, where you cud delete something important !!!
    > restart pc - check if the rest of Net Frame is not stucks in comp - check appropriate folder; but do not try to be ingeneer by yourself to remove any other file in windows-folder !!!
    > now, install fresh Net Frame 3.5 /or all needed parst of net-frame > restart (is not required but do it).

    & You should not have problem to uninstall, if yes --> do it in Safe Mode. If the problem occurs, Net Frame is probably broken --> try Net Uninstaller :

    & If do u still face a problem with NET Framework 3.5 --> follow (but that manual is not for beginners, if do u need a help ask your friend skilled in that way) :

    6. Additional note poinitng hotfix created after inslallation of updates :

    & Trying to remove/uninstall the hotfix... (cud be visible in installed programmes but also not, then u have to check system update and open section ''installed updates'') ...but, it is not for begginers !!! You can face troubles when the system is not in perfect condition = before that action U HAVE TO BE SAFE THAT SYSTEM IS IN PERFECT CONDITION B/C REMOVING HOTFIX IS FOR NOW AND FOREVER = no-chance get-it back !!!

    (You can download deleted needed updates (KBxxx) from microsoft but, u can face troubles to install b/c the rest of right removed files may occurs troubles (clening registry does not help 'cos we are talking about system-components not about removing programm), well then, removing hotfix is not so simle action if the system was not check for stability before. I do that action only when stability test and antimalware test is done to be safe that system is in perfect condition to remove hotfix; yes, it helps offten but, I am heading an eyebrown when talking about because the solution is usually more simple than imagine at the first look...)

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