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    How to Install Veetle TV Player

    Veetle TV is a plugin for your Internet browser. Once installed, any browser on your computer will be able to use it. You do not need to run the program from your Programs folder. It will automatically run when you visit any channel on Here are detailed steps on how to install Veetle Player.
    Step 1

    If the download did not start, click the button below to get the Veetle TV installer. We have detected that you are using the Windows operating system. If we are mistaken, you need to download the installer from our list of other supported operating systems

    Download Veetle

    Step 2

    Click "save file" to download the Veetle TV installer.

    Step 3

    Double click the file in your downloads window to install.

    Visit the channel list and click on any channel. The stream should start automatically. If you are still presented with the download prompt, it means you did not install Veetle TV properly. The following are common problems with installation. If you are still experiencing problems, please send us detailed feedback and we will help you.
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    I appreciate this tutorial. I've actually been looking to install Veetle because my friend was saying it's the best thing to use so I'm going to install it now and see how it goes.

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