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    Download VLC at New Version 2.2.1 - and install it. (select delete cache and preferences)
    Go to Tools > Preferences > select "show settings" radio button "ALL". (not simple)
    Go to Input / Codecs and scroll down to Network caching (ms) and change value to 5000. (default is 1000) This is to improve stream buffering
    Go to Input / Codecs > Video codecs > FFmpeg > ''Skip the loop filter for H.264 decoding'' > select All. (Default was None)
    Go to View > select Advance Controls. You should now see the red record button under the view screen. Recording creates a .ts file.
    The saved to folder option can be found in Tools > Preferences > simple > Input / Codecs > Files
    You may also use the little camera button to take snap-shots (screen capture) of any video.
    The saved to folder option can be found in Tools > Preferences > simple > Video > Video snapshots
    But, there is an issue...,
    it is not helpfull if the connection is really slow and/or the site/source does not support ''playing with caching''.

    (Anyway, you are right, I did not copy that section from my vlc-manual; have to add that section into manual posted here.)

    Basic settings for Network and File:

    & Input / Codecs > File cachning > set: 1.000 ms.
    & Input / Codecs > Disc cachong > set: 1.000 ms.
    & Input / Codecs > Network cachings > set 3.000 /up to 5.000 ms (read Note 1+2) > Save.

    ( For illustration: Default Network was 1000 / Default File was 300 )

    Mentioned basic settings you can also manage following:

    Open VLC > click on vlc-screen and press CTRL+N /or go to upper toolbar Media - Network to open settings window.
    > carte/button ''Media'' - ''Network'' - from left to right: File - Disc - Network - Capture device

    & Option ''A'': If you have got a link, paste-it into the collum Please enter a network URL.
    & Option ''B'': If the link is not needed (using direct source) = the stream is on automatically (using application to watch), then just follow.
    & Option ''C'': Play File.

    > tick: Show more options

    & Caching > Set 3.000 ms /up to 5.000 ms (use arrow ''up/down'' or type)
    & Edit Options > will be automatically rewrite from/to: ''Option A&B/Network'' :network -caching=3000 /or ''Option C/File'' :file-caching=3000
    & for ''Option A&B'': Press Play (!) to watch.

    Note 1: But, there is an issue..., it is not helpfull if the connection is really too slow and/or the site/source does not support ''playing with caching'' /it is not available function for every single file = you can not try to manage the caching for every single source.

    Note 2: To set above of 5.000 ms is usually useless 'cos it depends on site, source and connection, i.e. to set 10.000 ms does not solve problem when watching is lagging a lot.



    While eatching in full-screen mode when the toolbar is not accessible at the first look (you have to move with the mouse over the screen), you can hit ''shift+s''.
    & more about shortkeys you'll find here: vlc toolbar: tool - preferences - hotkeys
    & for an easy access could be interesting hotkeys:

    ''shift+s'' - snapshot ; ''m'' - mute ; ''space'' - pause ; ''c'' - change video-format ;
    ''ctrl+arrow up/down'' - volume (it's for vlc-sound only; when the master-sound-settings is not set to be lound enough then vlc made-it louder just upto the limit of the master-volume-settings, btw. set up to the master-sound upto the maximum, afterwards you can get more using vlc-sound-settings)



    There is an issue...,

    It needs ''some seconds'' to start recording but due that while you'll miss the opening scene or commentary = start recording a ''while in advance'' not missing some important words /or pictures.
    (the same happens when cutting video using vlc-function to record ''from-A-to-B'')

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