has sopcast died?

Discussion in 'Sopcast' started by LondonRob, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. LondonRob

    LondonRob New Member

    has anyone noticed the decline and ususage of peeps for sopcast? its almost non existant these days, thoughts?
  2. Jamie32

    Jamie32 New Member

    i use it now and again, flash seems to work very well once you put ad blocker on which drives me fucking crazy those ads dude, most people source acestream now
  3. BradR

    BradR New Member

    Yeah, I remember when everyone used Sopcast but now, it seems like it's dead and it's very rare to see people using it. I think soon, Sopcast will be completely gone as everyone will have stopped using it.
  4. Jinsy

    Jinsy New Member

    Funny enough i still use sopcast, it does not have a smany channels as it use to but you can still get world channels on it, its worth downloading to desktop and looking once in a while to be honest, can see acestream going the same way at some point, the sopcast player is better than the acestream direct player
  5. aLeX

    aLeX New Member

    I deleted Sopcast along time ago as I found that no one was using it and there were hardly any channels on there. It's quite disappointing to see it die so much since it used to be quite big.
  6. phil_warby

    phil_warby New Member

    same as alex i deleted my sopcast player, there is no need for sopcast in 2016, its as good as dead and gone, the era of acestream and flash live on
  7. Gregggo

    Gregggo New Member

    I remember the days of when Sopcast player was big and everyone was using it. Sad to see it so inactive and dead. I much prefer it over the newer alternatives.

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