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    Acestream if you dont already know use to be called torrent stream a rebranding of their product to provide easily the best p2p streaming technology avaliable, some might say ever created! , Ace Stream users watch online video with audio-visual quality level ten times greater than quality of video on YouTube (provided in 1080p format) and many times greater than broadcasts/shows of all other existing services of VoD and Live Stream provided by OTT (Over The Top) service operators, which do not use P2P technology. No existing Live Stream service or standard CDN operator using unicast can provide live broadcast with the same high level quality, for the same number of viewers, that can be provided by the average Ace Stream user from his personal computer using home Internet-channel!.

    How To Install Acestream:
    Before you do anything you need to install Acestream, please be aware that this is quite a big download but definatley one worth waiting for to visit the Acestream Official or download on our website free here Streamtube Acestream

    How To Watch Ace Streams:
    Once you have downloaded acestream aceplayer, you would simply goto our schedules if you see an acestream link, click play, and you will get a blank page, why? this is because acestream has not been triggered, it must be triggered by the user, so what you must do now, is copy and paste the URL in the address starts something like acestream:/etc copy the full address and carry out the following on your acestream player! ... Go to Start --> All Programs --> Ace Stream --> Click Ace Player --> Media --> Open Ace Stream Content ID --> Paste there the id which you copied, using CTRL + V or Right Mouse --> Paste and click play / press enter, congratulations your now watching an acestream, easy as that, enjoy the streams!

    Any problems let us know!

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