February 20th 2016 News

Discussion in 'Site News & Information' started by The_Duke, Feb 20, 2016.

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    Its been a while, but we are back and fully functioning!

    Why have we been away? no reason at all, we all decided as a team to take some time out as quite a few of us were suffering from web burnout day in and day out on this site 24 hours a day takes its toll in all honestly

    A few things on the site have been updated IE football and other sports, we are not in full flow yet, but allow us a few days and we will nail it again, takes a few days to get on top of a site that constantly needs updated

    We have also changed domain name due to legal reasons which you don't want to hear about, nobody is as pissed of as us about it we can tell you that, but it is what it is and we are cracking on with the job!

    We will see you around the site and forums, remember need any help or get things to share, feel free to post, whilst in the meantime we get things moving back on site

    Live forever stream fans!


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