EXCLUSIVE: Drew McIntyre ‘excited’ by reports he could face Randy Orton at SummerSlam, maps...

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    SummerSlam is approaching for WWE and the Biggest Party of the Summer is always a big deal.

    Even though this year’s event will be taking place at their Performance Center in Orlando and not Boston as originally planned, WWE will be going all out to make sure the event they consider the next important to WrestleMania delivers.

    Drew McIntyre will take on Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship at ‘The Horror Show’

    Drew McIntye has been reigning strong as WWE champion since dethroning Brock Lesnar in all of five minutes at WrestleMania 36 and after retaining over Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley and, hopefully for the Scot, Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules: Horror Show, he’s due a big showdown.

    The hottest heel in the entire industry right now is Randy Orton.

    One would think the man just proclaimed the ‘Greatest Wrestler Ever’ would want the world title to lend credence to that claim and given they are WWE’s two biggest characters right now in terms of face and heel, naturally, many think they’ll gravitate together.

    Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre worked together during Drew’s first run in WWE, too

    There have been several reports stating that WWE are considering putting Orton against McIntyre at SummerSlam and when the WWE champion was a guest on talkWRESTLING this week, he said he was all for the idea.

    “That’s exciting to me,” McIntyre said of working with The Legend Killer. “Randy Orton is on fire right now.

    “Like, even when he’s not even trying – he’s admitted himself sometimes he’s not putting in 100 percent – but he’s still better than 90 percent of everybody in the world when he’s barely trying. But when he’s on, there is nobody that can touch Randy Orton.

    McIntyre has shown what he can do by delivering stellar bouts on pay-per-view as champion, but he has that hunger for those high profile affairs with the big names, too.

    McIntyre is a different beast now than when he used to tangle with Orton

    “For me, I need somebody who is really going to make me work up to their level. I’m in a place where I’m building as a new champion and we don’t have an audience to show the new fans they should be reacting to me in a certain way right now. It is very much every week, I’m starting from square one in my mind to get over every single week.

    “Because their might be a new viewer watching and I’ve got to tell them who I am, explain Drew McIntyre and why they should be behind me and I think with Randy Orton, he’s so well established and instantly recognisable, he’s so good at his role that it would make me have to work up to his level or I would drown,” McIntyre said.

    The 35 year old has seen the reports linking him and Orton together for August 24 and he hopes they come to fruition.

    And if it does, he has the perfect story in mind that has plenty of reality involved.

    “I’m excited at the prospect of me and Randy if it comes together. I hope it happens, the internet seems to know about it before I do [laughs], McIntyre joked.

    A lot of reports have suggested WWE are going to have Orton Vs McIntyre at SummerSlam

    “The story writes itself; we were kids who were given such great opportunities. Randy has all the natural talent in the world, but he was very protected. Every time he messed up, he made sure someone was cleaning up his mess behind him.

    “Whenever I messed up, it hurt me and it hurt me and eventually I was out of that position. And again, he was on a different level talent wise, but he was very much protected until he got to the top and then he figured it out to become the man he is today.

    “With Drew McIntyre. I kind of got kicked to the curb. I was in 3MB, got fired and as long as wrestling was constantly trying to hand me everything, I was rejecting it.

    “It got to the point where wrestling gave up, I was fired and it was up to me to really want this. I started working on myself. Instead of wrestling choosing me, I chose wrestling and I started working my ass and took the long way round to reach the top.

    “So it’s very interesting in terms of the story Randy and I could tell.

    You can watch Drew McIntyre defend the WWE title against Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules: Horror Show on BT Sport or the WWE Network

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