Conor McGregor beaten by Diaz

Discussion in 'Boxing + Fighting' started by Gregggo, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Gregggo

    Gregggo New Member

    I stayed up until 6am to watch the McGregor fight, hoping that it was going to be an entertaining fight and McGregor could take the win but it didn't go exactly as I wanted. I'd say it was quite an entertaining fight, even though it ended in 2 rounds. It was disappointing to see him lose but hopefully he can come back fighting. What are your thoughts on the fight?
  2. LondonRob

    LondonRob New Member

    Not surprised about the result, mcgregor went up two weight classes to meet diaz, mcgregor couldn't cope with the bigger man, good result but an obvious one to me, didnt expect it to last only two rounds tho

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