Chelsea Sack Jose!

Discussion in 'Football Chat' started by Kurt, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Just read on the sports news here Jose has been shown the door by chelsea, what a manager he has been down the years, shame to see him shown the door by his beloved chelsea, thoughts on this guys?
  2. LondonRob

    LondonRob New Member

    Jose, was somewhere else this season, have not sen any of the fight, and anger, and soul he usualy puts out, chelsea have not played for him and he has not played for them, time to part company, noone is bigger than the club and jose is no exception, he hasnt been a good manager for a while now, he dines out on the past a little too much IMHO
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke Super Moderator

    If you live by the sword you often die by it, as good a manager as he seems, Chelsea will be more improved with his absence
  4. ariful

    ariful New Member

    proof is in the pudding sitting just above the relegation zone 16 games in, thought morinho would have more time, look at brendan rodger at pool, or moyes at manchester united this is on par with moyes, i thinks jose neded more time
  5. BradR

    BradR New Member

    Don't get me wrong, Jose was a top, top manager but it's no surprise to me. Abramovich is known for sacking managers, even if they're top class. Chelsea weren't performing and although Jose is an amazing manager, a change was needed.

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