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    AceStream (formerly known as TorrentStream) is a new way of p2p streaming which works the same like Torrents. It's a new program so it could not work properly for everyone, as it also still has many bugs which have to be fixed. Here's a guide to start with:

    Download and Install
    First you have to download the Program, and Install it. See the Download links below, it's a big download so can take some time. Install it, and you're ready to watch streams. download acestream here > Acestream Download once its finished installing, it will create a shortcut on your desktop, open the Acestream player.

    Opening a Channel

    Ok you have downloaded acestream, opened the player now your ready to watch an acestream link!. goto our schedules and choose a stream that says (Acestream) on the links pages for matches, a pop up window will display for you, simply copy the code << highlight the code in the box then press CTRL +C

    with the link stream now copied goto your acestream player, click (media tab) then choose open content ID .. see image below!



    Once you have done that the player will show the next step, its the area where you will now paste the ID code you (copied earlier!) see below



    paste your link into the box, then click play! the stream will buffer for 15 seconds as it builds clients then your stream will start up and you can watch live sports in HD!


    Not loading instantly? Sometimes it can be loading in 15 seconds, sometimes it takes a few minutes. All depends on your connection. There's not much info we can give on how to improve it. But check and ask on our forum

    any questions just ask!
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