Acestream buffering + set up?

Discussion in 'Acestream' started by Stinger, May 19, 2019.

  1. Stinger

    Stinger New Member

    everytime i watch acestream it buffers, is there a set up i should be using to counter it?

  2. Sinister1

    Sinister1 New Member

    try this pal


    • Open any Link, opening the AceStream app;

    • Go to your taskbar on the lower right and right click the AceStream icon, then go to "Options";

    • Change Live Buffer to 30s or more;

    • Keep Download and Upload limits "0";

    • On the "Advanced tab", keep the port "8621";

    • On the "Advanced tab", change the total max connections to "500";

    • On the "Advanced tab", change the max connections per stream to "100";

    • Click "Ok";

    • Open your router settings;

    • Open port "8621" in your router settings;

    • Enable UPnP in your router settings;

    • Save settings and restart router;
  3. Habib

    Habib Super Moderator

    Perfectly put sinister - /thumbs up

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