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SUBMIT YOUR STREAMS: is one of the best P2P live streaming sports schedule sites about and provides hundreds of streams per week to its visitors, we have become a popular base for stream goers to watch their best sports on quality streams every day, so if you have a website which shows live sports or tv and wants to get involved with providing streams read below to find out how you can do so, we have possibilities for all streamers!.to get indexed on our schedules, to get started you can contact us at

Please make sure you have read the rules below before you submit any streams:

(1), Own a website/blog with a decent layout

(2), Have a watchable stream of at least 350 kbps (your own stream or embedded, we accept both!)

(3), submitting your streams, gains top priority on our schedules, usually listed top ahead of the others!

(4), If you submit a stream and declare, it's your stream, we will ask you to invite us to the website, where we will ask you to change channels in front of us, this will prove the streams are your own, we do however accept embedded streams too!

(5), Have only a few ads on stream, not hundreds theirs no need and people won't stay and watch if that's the case.

(6), submit schedules on time (before an event starts).

(7), Moderate any chat facilitys you may have

(8), Streams must be started 30 mins before any live event starts, if nothing is on when we check the stream, it will be removed! no question!

(9), submit clear schedules, in time order and full URL to the channels you are showing events on (no URL masks)

(10), If showing stream in acestream/sopcast, note it on the schedule so we can adjust the stream listing accordingly

(11), If an event is on but you want to show another event 15 minutes or so into when its started because another event was running late, let us know, this is called JIP -(Joining in progress)

(12), NO Porn ads whatsoever and Maximum of TWO popups, other ads is fine also

(13), Display our banner above your stream for courtesy for helping to promote your channels in the schedules, if your short on room on your site then a text link will be suffice, you do not need to do either one, and you can still submit schedules



If you wish to create your own banners, you can do so. Please point your banner at "" also if you do create a banner, share it on the forum!

After Submission:

Once you have submitted your schedules to us we will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible and push your streams on to the live schedules. Please make sure you have a clean site and it is not flooded with advertisements because people don't want to spend the first twenty mins on arrival closing ads they will simply move on to the next stream that's more AD friendly, we appreciate all streams sent to us and will do our best to add them all as we aim to build a solid streaming community for everyone! here is the email once again to submit streams

Streamcentral Team