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acestream live


Current version: v3.1.1

PPLive is one of the oldest (or better say first) p2p programs. It was released in December 2004, before it was called Synacast. It's for sure a nice program, unless the blocking of Sports channels for foreigners (non-chinese).

Have fun with this program!

Release notes

What are the new improved version : Version 3.1.1

Beta Version number: PPLive Published: 2011.10.01 Windows platform + |Media Player 11 Software size: 11.5MB Complete new interface has been created


Alot of nice channels, like CCTV5, several sports ones and alot of movie, music and regular chinese channels.


How to view the Premier League SINA Live channels?

You have to download the PPLive 1.9 English version, which doesnt update itself and its English. Add VLC as default player instead of WMP (Option/Players Settings/X:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe), then right click on the screen choose 'Play with default player(D)' .

Then the links should work!!!

General Info

It's easy to get this program working. Make sure to Download PPLive first from the official page or use 1 of the mirror downloads. If you've done so, prepare to install. Select a location to save it and start installing it. At the end of the installation, you can select how to sort the channel list. Best is to sort it in a category, so on content. Then you got music, sports and other categories in your channel list. You don't need to install Flashget, so unselect it and press the I... to Finnish.

When you're done with that, run the program for the first time. On your right, you will see a channel list with a lot of channels. Just click a category and double click a channel to start it. It will start buffering, as you can see on 1 of the screenshots. Then you will get it playing.

The menu is in English when you use an 1.9.X version. With the latest 2.0 and 2.1 versions you will have a chinese menu and chinese characters installing.

Viewing with PPTV site (Website based streams)?

Download Official PPLive Web Player plug-in plug-ins installed PPTV page, you can watch directly on the site shows PPTV.

Playing in Media Player

With older versions: You can select it inside the PPLive Play screen : Right mouse --> Play in Default Player(D). Or you can open in MediaPlayer. Make sure to load the channel first .