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Current version: v2.7.0.1334

PPStream is like PPLive 1 of the older p2p programs. It exists already for a longer time but it's still mainly chinese based. So far they haven't got a proper English translation, but the first step has been made. The menu is for example still in Chinese, but the channellist is already in English.

Release notes

Version: V2.7.0.1334 Release: 2009-11-30 Size: 5.27MB No registration, large amount of channels, more then 600 programs, worth a look! * Upgrade on-line list * On-demand to upgrade the kernel * Core live upgrade * Members of the new users skip ads feature * Other details of the improvements


Mostly chinese, like Guandong, SHTV and CCTV5 but also many others (Movies, music, live events).


PPSttream can be a bit harder to install. Just download it, like usual, and click the installed. Go to next, choose a location to install it on, select next and options, and again next. Make sure you don't block the installation with your firewall. At the end you can finish the setup, most important (if you haven't done so yet) so optimalize the amount of connections, the TCP limit. This is needed to make everything run faster.

Then you can start PPStream, and close the window that pop-ups (C). Then you can see the player to watch channels. Use our schedule to get redirected, or check out the English menu.

Playing in Media Player

Watching it in Windows Media Player is easy, right mouse in the main PPStream window --> Select the ....(D) . Make sure it's selected, after a channel is buffered it will start in the external Mediaplayer.