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flash stream


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Besides P2P software, there are also many Flash streams to watch live and free sports.




For this you don't need anything. The only thing you might need is Adobe Flash Player as that's what's needed to watch Flash streams. Most pc's are equiped with Flash player by default, if you haven't you can download Flash below. Or check below to see if your flash player is up to date. Only use the official website of Adobe to update or install Flash player, don't click on weird ads asking you to install Flash, Flash HD or any other software.

Problems with Ads?

The flash streams will have ads on the stream or around it. You can close these using the X or close buttons that are clearly provided. Often you have to wait 15-30 seconds before you can close the Advertisements. If you don't want to wait or bother with it then install an AdBlocker and which makes sure you don't have to close any ads on flash sites. For info related to your Browser see Best Ad blockers.