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bittorrent live

BitTorrent Live Beta

Current version: v0.4.11.286

BitTorrent live is an emerging live streaming service that leverages BitTorrent technology to deliver live content across the web in a more efficient way

Release notes

BitTorrent Live is a powerful new web-based live streaming technology. Designed to eliminate barriers to broadcast, Live is an entirely new protocol, designed to deliver high quality video to large audiences - with significant reduction in infrastructure cost and network delays.


User created content


BitTorrent Live is a small program that's very easy to install. Select one of the download links below, and follow the instructions. After that, select a link from our schedule.

You will get the following message: "It looks like you have already downloaded BitTorrent Live. Please run the application to view the stream." Now you can continue by pressing the Launch BitTorrent Live button. Then it will launch the program, buffer will start and the channel will play.

If you don't have it installed you can still install it by clicking Download BitTorrent Live.

While in Beta, BitTorrent Live requires that you update to the latest version of the client before continuing. This will be done automatically most of the time in the background, or after clicking Launch. BitTorrent Live is a new peer-to-peer live streaming protocol. It allows content creators to scale their reach to audiences of millions with near-zero latencies and minimal infrastructure investment.

Leveraging the lessons of the original BitTorrent protocol, BitTorrent Live has been designed from scratch as the perfect means of sharing events to the masses in real-time, but without the astronomical bandwidth requirements that traditionally constrain content creators. Every viewer that joins a swarm extends its reach by sharing pieces of the video to other viewers. Media is delivered with stunningly low delay by utilizing a UDP Screamer protocol. Video and audio are transmitted using the industry standard H.264 and AAC codecs, providing the highest quality.

BitTorrent Live is still under heavy development, and as such, is available as a technology demonstration only. The ability to run a video source is not currently available to end users. Once the protocol has been finalized we expect to allow user generation of content. The experience may not be perfect yet, but we strive daily to improve it, and welcome your input and experiences.