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If you have just arrived at for the first time, you will notice its a pretty big site with lots of places to go and view, many sports schedules as well, its also the best and most complete site for LIVE streaming sports! this is a walkthrough of how to use the schedules to navigate from one place to another.

Lets start with the homepage -, it will give you a brief of the site and also a NOW playing and upcoming schedules table - simply choose a game/event from that table by clicking the play button.. picture below clearly shows how to do this.

Once you choose a sport, you will be presented with a table, these tables will show you whats on today, tomorrow etc. For very complex sports we have inserted drop downs for filtering events, football for instance has many competitions so we add a dropdown in to accompany those events.. take a look at the shot below.. (as more competitions are added they will appear in this drop down box)

So we have looked at the drop down tables, had a glimpse of the "football page and home page", you understand how that works, how about links? Lets take a look

As you can see there is a lot of information in these tables but don't worry we are going to explain it below!

You may have noticed that flash and acestream is in the software section for more information on these and to download the applications visit our Software page. If you have chosen to watch the link in Acestream and have downloaded the application but are unsure of how to use it, here's how.

So what to do with the Acestream URL? Check out our Acestream guide for a step by step walk through. Navigating through our site is easy , At the top of every page you have the navigation bar to get to certain pages.

You also have the Live Sports page to choose your sport.

You will notice on most pages you have the sports buttons.

If you are on a match page but want to jump to a specific sports without going back to the live sports page we have added a drop down filter for easier navigation.

That's all there is to it, what we will say is make a point of visiting our forum if you get stuck, lots of interesting stuff in there to help you if you need it, a very good community to be apart of, feel free to sign up a name and just chill in the forums whenever you like, remember, you do not need to register to watch streams here, it is free! Enjoy!

Streamcentral Team.